The Guarantee

CoBuilt — Modeled Precision

Company background

CoBuilt has roots in the steel fabrication industry with nearly 50 years of experience, but represents a whole new way of serving large-scale structural projects. Founder Brian Eason had, for many years, owned and operated Quality Iron Fabricators, a company that specialized in supplying the steel needs for structural projects.

However, steel is but one component of large projects. Builders and project managers face a dizzying number of contractors and subcontractors in their projects, which can become overwhelming for the project owner and cumbersome for every party involved. CoBuilt came about to deliver project-management and specialty-material services in a new way – by taking the burden off of the project owner and removing common bottlenecks in the design-to-delivery process.

Why did they come to us?

The company concept for CoBuilt emerged in 2017, though the company had no name or brand. This is where RedRover stepped in – to create the identity of this new company.

Our partnership with CoBuilt evolved once we concepted the name for the company. We also developed the logo and website and continue to provide marketing, graphic design, and video services.

Stationary Set

Infinite Folding Brochure


Core Value Handout

Custom ID-Card & Lanyard

Branded Website

What’s in a Name?

With all branding projects, the initial stage is one of pure creation. Our team brainstormed hundreds of words and phrases that depicted one or more aspects of the business concept and its core promise to customers.

From there, we whittled ideas down to a list of the most viable concepts – those that represented the company’s values, would stand out in the marketplace, and did not sound or look like other company names that might distract from our client’s brand.

We ultimately presented CoBuilt to represent two key aspects of this business concept: the collaborative partnership approach CoBuilt takes with its customers (co) and to represent what is delivered to CoBuilt’s clients – a built structure, made easier by the CoBuilt process.

High Tech to the Core

The construction industry can be plagued by inefficiencies and low-tech methods that slow projects down and increase costs. CoBuilt was created to oppose the norm. The CoBuilt team turned to RedRover to help them develop and brand their company core values and also create collateral that showed the company’s commitment to high-tech project-management methods.

The core values put powerful meaning behind the company’s positioning and are used to quickly convey to both clients/prospects and engineering talent exactly how CoBuilt plans to stand out in the industry:

  1. Create Separation
  2. Move the Needle
  3. Raze the Old, Raise the New

One of the most recent projects completed for CoBuilt was its first virtual reality (VR) video, which brings viewers into the CoBuilt process and visualizes for them how seamlessly CoBuilt projects will be handled for clients.

Our Results