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The 12 BattlesTM Framework

From the moment RedRover opened its doors in 2006, we’ve been on a relentless mission to revolutionize our industry. With experience spanning hundreds of diverse clients, our team has honed a razor-sharp approach to market research—pinpointing precision that propels powerful, efficient marketing strategies. Our strategies aren’t about hoping for the best; they’re about forecasting and guaranteeing tangible results. This unwavering commitment culminated in a robust framework—a battle plan if you will—for any company boasting a solid value proposition and healthy margins to achieve guaranteed marketing outcomes. 

We’ve aptly named our proven process the 12 Battles™ Framework, as you must battle traditional thinking to drive guaranteed marketing outcomes. This framework challenges the status quo, setting a benchmark for predictable marketing performance and holding all hands on deck, be it internal or external, uncompromisingly accountable.

Want to know if you’re ready for the 12 Battles™ Framework?

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Battle 1:

You ACCEPT that you deserve and will achieve guaranteed marketing ROI.

Battle 2:

You ACKNOWLEDGE that you don’t really know thy customer.

Battle 3:

You CHAMPION market research as a do-or-die investment.

Battle 4:

You EMBRACE the power of attribution modeling and stop accepting bad data.

Battle 5:

You OWN an opening in the brandscape.

Battle 6:

You TORCH your existing strategy unapologetically if needed.

Battle 7:

You ADVOCATE for an investment in each stage of the customer journey.

Battle 8:

You CHALLENGE your team to make powerful strategic shifts grounded in research versus tradition.

Battle 9:

You PREACH the good word of disciplined optimization.

Battle 10:

You COMMIT to building a pay-for-performance team around your strategy; not vice versa.

Battle 11:

You REQUIRE a powerful CEO Marketing Dashboard and documented processes.

Battle 12:

You INSPIRE your team to stand behind their ROI projections.

Which path to partnership is the best fit for you?