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Meet the Speakers

Lori Turner-Wilson

Visionary CEO, Renowned Author, Powerhouse Speaker, and Marketing Battle Leader

Immerse yourself in a captivating exploration with Lori Turner-Wilson, the visionary force behind RedRover, the agency where results aren’t just promised—they’re guaranteed. As the CEO & Founder and the author of three-best selling books on marketing, Lori exudes an unparalleled combination of expertise, foresight, and zeal. With narratives forged from over a quarter-century of real-world trials, victories, and deep-seated partnerships, her sessions are more than mere events—they’re transformative odysseys that resonate, inspire, and ignite.

Lori speaks on topics including marketing, leadership, women in leadership and entrepreneurism. Her signature topic is The B2B Marketing RevolutionTM.

1-Hour Talk

$5,000 + travel

2-Hour Talk

$6,000 + travel

1/2 Day Talk

$8,000 + travel

Custom topics

$10,000 + travel

*Available upon request

Jee Vahn Knight

Dynamic Strategy Expert

Step into the visionary world of strategic marketing growth, masterfully orchestrated by the brilliant Jee Vahn Knight – VP of Strategy at RedRover. With her unique analytical prowess and innovative perspective, Jee unravels the intricacies of results-driven marketing, illuminating paths often overlooked. With over a decade of hands-on experience in strategic marketing planning and execution, she paints a vivid picture of success based on empirical evidence, strategic foresight, and decisive action.

Jee’s engaging talks cover marketing strategy, cutting-edge market research protocols, and marketing industry trends.

1-2 Hour Talk

$2,000 + travel

3-4 Hour Talk

$3,000 + travel

Custom topics

$10,000 + travel

*Available upon request

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