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Our Pack

Pawsitively delighted to meet you! We’re the RedRover pack – where powerful researchers, strategists, analytics and creatives come together to create real impact - and a lot of fun along the way.

“It is a well worn business axiom to under promise and over deliver. RedRover promises a lot -- and delivers even more.”

Ray Brandon, CFA, CFP, PresidentBrandon Financial Planning

The Leadership Team

Founder & CEO — Pack Leader

Lori Turner-Wilson

Lori Turner-Wilson isn’t just at the helm of RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy as its CEO and co-founder; she’s a trailblazer in the field, reshaping the landscape of business marketing. With a storied career spanning over three decades, Lori has been pivotal in crafting and delivering marketing strategies that yield measurable and substantial results. Her leadership has propelled RedRover to a distinguished position as one of just two full-service B2B marketing firms in the US with the courage to offer a true ROI guarantee to its clients, earning the firm the moniker: “The Results-Guaranteed Agency.”

Lori’s seminal work — her latest book, “The B2B Marketing RevolutionTM: A Battle Plan for Guaranteed Outcomes” — encapsulates her philosophy and the revolutionary approach that has disrupted conventional marketing wisdom and is shaking up the industry. Since founding RedRover in 2006, she has dedicated herself to refining a methodology that leverages in-depth market research to forge marketing strategies that are not only effective and efficient but also ensure predictable outcomes. This methodology, known as the 12 Battles™ Framework, has been the cornerstone for countless companies, providing them with a powerful arsenal for success.

Lori is driven by a profound commitment to bolster mid-market companies, devising marketing strategies that provide these firms with the necessary tools and insights to effectively compete with much larger enterprises. Her efforts are aimed at closing the strategic and resource divide that often places smaller companies at a disadvantage, ensuring they too can realize strong returns on their marketing investments. Her insights stem from an intimate understanding of the challenges CEOs and business owners face, inspired by her father’s legacy and coupled with two decades working with hundreds of clients as the driving force behind RedRover.

Her formative experiences at TCBY Enterprises, First Horizon National, and Hilton Hotel Corporation sparked a realization that changed her professional trajectory. In these roles she had the opportunity to hire some of the top 10 ad agencies in the country, only to find out they lacked the desire to take accountability for metrics that actually matter — such as incremental gross profit. Dragging these agencies into peak performance was agonizing.

Lori imagined an agency that cared as much about the bottom line as she did, one that could move nimbly and effect the growth trajectory of a company rapidly and efficiently by building strategy on a backbone of comprehensive market research. It dawned on her that she should build what she couldn’t find and raise the bar in the industry that she loved along the way. And in 2006, RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy was born — an agency that continues to disrupt the traditional, obsolete marketing-agency model.

RedRover’s unwavering commitment to these principles has not only changed the growth trajectory of countless companies but it has also garnered numerous accolades, including being named one of the “Top 10 Companies to Watch” by the Chamber and one of the “Best Places to Work” by the Business Journal. Lori has also been recognized as an “Executive of the Year” and by her peers in the Vistage CEO network as the recipient of the annual “Vistage CEO Impact Award” for her contributions to other Vistage peers and her work to leverage Vistage principles to grow RedRover.

The B2B Marketing RevolutionTM: A Battle Plan for Guaranteed Outcomesis Lori’s third book in the field of marketing. She penned Amazon best seller “W.O.O.F. – Why Ordinary Organizations Fail” in 2016 and served as a contributing ghostwriter in 2008 on yet another best seller “The Complete Idiot’s Guide© to Guerrilla Marketing.”

Lori’s dedication to RedRover is more than just business—it’s a personal crusade to elevate mid-market companies, allowing them to assert their rightful place in the market. With the recent national expansion of RedRover, her strategic insights are now igniting market potential across a broader canvas, championing profitability from coast to coast. Her leadership, inspired by her father’s entrepreneurial journey, is now setting a new standard for marketing success on a national scale.

Vice President of Operations

Julianne Watt

A Little Kibble

As the Vice President of Operations, Juli leads the team through efficient practices and processes to ensure RedRover and all clients are on predictable, data-driven, and ROI-focused paths forward. Her commitment to exploration, dedication to innovative solutions, and contagious passion for success make her the perfect fit to lead RedRover’s operations.

Feeding Time

Juli joined the RedRover pack in early 2014, bringing with her nearly a decade of brand management, consumer sales, and team leadership experience. This, coupled with her unrivaled sense of urgency, high level of adaptability, and diverse range of marketing and sales experience, empowers our team to consistently deliver what matters most to you: results.

In addition to data analysis and strategic insights, Juli has a passion for all things digital. Within her tenure at RedRover, she has worked closely with our clients to develop digital strategies and execute tactics that drive metrics that can’t be ignored. She is one of our go-to social media trainers when clients want to learn a few extra “tricks of the trade.”

Prior to RedRover, Juli advanced up the ranks of Abercrombie & Fitch in both Indiana and Tennessee before becoming a district manager for the retail titan. Juli also served in a voluntary capacity as the founding member and Executive Director for the American Marketing Association Memphis chapter.

Juli earned dual bachelor’s degrees in political science and mass communications from the University of Evansville in Indiana.

Minus her time attending school, Juli is a proud lifelong Memphian. When she’s not embracing Memphis’ midtown or downtown offerings, Juli can be found practicing yoga, boxing with her trainer, or playing with her lab, Mika and rescue, Naya.

An advocate of all things Memphis, she is an avid supporter of the local arts scene in Memphis, especially the Indie Memphis Film Festival, and she’s also a passionate Grizzlies fan. Go Grizz!

Vice President of Growth

Jee Vahn Knight

As the Vice President of Growth at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, Jee Vahn Knight is at the forefront of delivering transformational growth and ensuring the highest caliber of client engagement. Her tenure has been marked by a commitment to excellence, overseeing a team who are relentless in uncovering and seizing new opportunities for client and prospect success.

Jee Vahn Knight is a data-driven strategist with a world-class understanding of technology, which enables her to bridge the gap between marketing initiatives and fiscal outcomes. Her holistic perspective on business growth is grounded in a rigorous analysis of data, ensuring that every marketing conversation is intricately tied to the profit and loss statement. Jee’s expertise allows her to navigate complex market dynamics and drive strategies that not only resonate with the target audience but also deliver measurable financial results. It’s this big-picture approach, combined with her in-depth technological savvy, that positions her to steer marketing efforts in a direction that profoundly impacts the bottom line.

With a career that has spanned across a multitude of sectors—from healthcare and science to construction and entertainment—Jee has consistently proven herself to be an entrepreneurial tour de force. She has excelled in a variety of roles, whether it be leading teams to drive operational success or spearheading marketing strategies that resonate on a national scale. Jee’s broad experience is underpinned by her tenure as a CEO, where she not only managed to keep businesses thriving but also ensured the well-being of her teams, instilling in her a profound understanding of the challenges faced by executive leaders.

Jee’s history is rich with milestones, such as the creation of award-winning websites for iconic films to authoring a peer-reviewed scientific paper. At RedRover, her strategic insight was crucial in the rapid development of a far-reaching COVID-19 campaign that effectively disseminated vital information to a large community. Her capability to enact such significant impact stems from a deep-seated belief in the power of data-driven marketing strategies and her commitment to tangible results.

An adept strategist and marketing data expert, Jee possesses a remarkable ability to turn analytics into actionable growth plans. She is not only a champion of growth at RedRover but also a recognized voice in the realm of executive leadership, speaking to CEO groups across the Vistage Organization. Her sessions offer a rare blend of strategic depth and real-world experience, designed to elevate the capabilities of today’s leaders. Jee’s engagement with Vistage reflects her commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and her belief in the power of collective wisdom to transform businesses. 

Jee Vahn Knight’s unique blend of strategic acumen, digital innovation, and a results-oriented mindset has solidified her status as a transformative leader. Her impact extends beyond RedRover, shaping the broader landscape of growth marketing and redefining what it means to drive a company towards a prosperous future.

Director of Client Experience

Caroline Hattemer

A Little Kibble

As RedRover’s Director of Client Experience, Caroline drives growth, uncovers efficiencies and delivers predictable and reliable ROI to clients. Fueled by strategic, out-of-the-box thinking, she tackles clients’ challenges head-on.

Feeding Time

Caroline brings more than 15 years of success in marketing strategy and sales leadership to the Pack. Before joining RedRover, Caroline served in media and agency sales across a variety of industries including fast casual, consumer packaged goods and grocery, big box retail, drug and mass-merchandise and quick service restaurant. As a natural relationship-builder, Caroline earned clients’ trust by consistently bringing new value to the table.

Caroline is passionate about providing unmatched service to her clients and finding innovative ways to exceed their expectations. During one of her favorite client wins, Caroline worked with a national grocer who wanted to expand its customer touch points without increasing its advertising budgets. She collaborated with the client to develop a fully vendor-funded, data-targeted campaign that increased reach, frequency, foot traffic and revenue for both the vendor and the grocer — all without raising its budgets.

After graduating from Louisiana State University with a degree in sociology, Caroline moved back home to Dallas, Texas, where she now lives with her husband and four children. They enjoy traveling, food adventures, football, cooking and entertaining friends and family. She is a die-hard LSU Tiger fan and is still basking in the glory of the greatest season in college football history. Geaux Tigers!

Director of Client Strategy

Ashley Sullivan

A Little Kibble

As RedRover’s director of client strategy, Ashley is responsible for developing robust marketing strategies and targets. With over a decade of marketing experience, Ashley considers herself equal parts creative and analytical. Whether it be the design of an ad or pulling insights from a report, results are what drive her.

Feeding Time

Prior to coming to RedRover, Ashley was working as a marketing consultant for clients in a variety of industries. With work from retail to veterinary services, she has proven results with her digital and traditional marketing, copywriting, and project management skills.

When not working, Ashley and her husband enjoy introducing their young sons to the sights and sounds of their hometown, including rooting for the Tigers and Grizzlies. In her quiet time, you can probably find her looking for home décor she doesn’t need and recipes she will never make.

Ashley graduated with honors from The University of Memphis with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in 2007.

Director of Client Outcomes

Levi Wardell

A Little Kibble

As RedRover’s Director of Client Outcomes, Levi fights to win, as winning means driving growth for our clients. He had decades of experience in digital marketing, websites, SEO and SEM. He has grown and developed high performing teams that drive accountability and deliver marketing outcomes. Levi simply isn’t satisfied unless his work, and his team’s work, is hitting his client’s bottom-line.

Feeding Time

Outside of marketing, Levi is an outdoorsman and adrenaline junkie at heart, bushwhacking his way across the country. As a water enthusiast, you can find him on a lake or at the beach, but don’t blink or you’ll be staring at the wake of his jet ski! He has an 8 year old great dane named Nikko who refuses to believe he isn’t a 225lb lap dog and a curious black cat who adopted him last year.

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