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Meaningful Market Research + Methodical Strategy Setting + Execution with Aggressive Optimization + a Dose of Courage = Guaranteed Results.

[We Shih-Tzu Not.]

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Step 1: Growth Optimization Research

Dive into a strategic marketing approach that doesn’t just promise, but guarantees an agreed-upon ROI. The GO Plan is the result of thorough qualitative and quantitative research, embodying everything you’d expect from an expert Chief Marketing Officer in their initial 75 days. While each research protocol is tailored to the client, yours could include:

Market Opportunities

  • Buyer Lifecycle Analysis: Unravel the intricate journey of your customer. From the spark of interest to the final purchase, we assess how you support them at every twist and turn.
  • Industry Growth Metrics: Zero in on the untapped potential within your key verticals, setting a clear path to scale.
  • Insights from Buyers: Through interviews and surveys with current, lost, and potential buyers, gain a rich understanding of your brand’s perception, your competitive standing, and the underlying preferences steering customer decisions.

Competitive Landscape

  • Competitive Brand Mapping: Pinpoint your brand’s unique market stance and the attributes that do or could set you apart.
  • Competitive Marketing Assessment: Dive into how your marketing endeavors compare with competitors and benchmark against industry standards.

Inside Your Organization

  • Strategic Marketing Audit: An exhaustive review of your past marketing campaigns, focusing on ROI and industry-standard attribution models.
  • Stakeholder Interviews: Engage with your core team members, board directors, and/or other key players. Gain insights into their view of your brand’s strengths, unique selling points, and market opportunities.
  • Transaction Trend Analysis: Decode the patterns in customer purchases to unearth hidden growth avenues.
  • Sales Deep Dive: Through shadowing or analyzing recorded sessions, we immerse ourselves in your sales narrative, understanding both your presentation and customer responses.
  • Sales Conversion Review: To set strong ROI targets, we delve into sales conversion trajectories and assess how you’re leveraging your CRM.
  • Sales & Marketing Synchronization Check: Ensure that the customer’s journey remains seamless across sales and marketing interfaces and that the core messaging resonates uniformly.

Step 2: Growth Optimization Strategy

War Room

Armed with this research, in a collaborative, intense “war room” environment, we gather our brightest minds from every corner of our agency. This team of experts spans disciplines such as:

  • Branding
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing or Paid Search)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Communications
  • Web Development
  • Sales Strategy

Inside this strategic forum, rigorous debates ensue as we challenge and scrutinize every conceivable marketing strategy. We assess their potential impact on ROI, ensuring only the most effective approaches emerge. This process ensures we formulate a highly tailored, high-performance marketing strategy. And our confidence in this strategy is unwavering — so much so that we’re prepared to back it with our ROI guarantee.



We then deliver our findings and a go-forward 3-year strategic marketing plan with 12-month tactical plan over two 3-hour meetings complete with projected break-even point, growth milestones, metrics, and quarterly ROI projections which we guarantee. The investment required to execute the plan is provided in detail.

Agreement & Next Steps

If you are on board with the approach, the investment and the projected ROI, we’d deliver a Custom Partnership Agreement for your review and signature. Upon execution, work begins approximately 2 weeks later.

Step 3: Growth Optimization Execution

We kick-off the execution of your GO Plan with an all-hands internal pack meeting where the complete research findings and final strategy are presented.

You are assigned a RedRover Account Director who will serve as your day-to-day contact and the quarterback for RedRover pack members contributing to your plan execution.

You are also introduced to these three key leaders:

  • Director of Client Experience: Championing a remarkable and seamless partnership journey.
  • Director of Client Outcomes: Ensuring the successful realization of project outcomes.
  • Director of Client Strategy: Vigilantly monitoring and fine-tuning your strategy for maximum impact.

This is the RedRover distinction.

On a monthly basis, we provide a performance dashboard, giving you a transparent view of each tactic’s efficacy and the overall ROI for that quarter. When targets are achieved, we revel in the shared success and chart the course for even greater accomplishments. Should there be a shortcoming, say 10% in Q2, we’ll credit you 10% of your Q2 professional fees (excluding ad spend) in Q3, no questions asked.

While we strive for unwavering consistency, unforeseen events like pandemics or significant, new competitive threats might necessitate MROI goal recalibration. Should this arise, you’ll be notified well in advance, giving you the autonomy to accept or decline the proposed changes.

Which path to partnership is the best fit for you?