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Jee Vahn-Knight

As the Vice President of Growth at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, Jee Vahn Knight is at the forefront of delivering transformational growth and ensuring the highest caliber of client engagement. Her tenure has been marked by a commitment to excellence, overseeing a team who are relentless in uncovering and seizing new opportunities for client and prospect success.

Jee Vahn Knight is a data-driven strategist with a world-class understanding of technology, which enables her to bridge the gap between marketing initiatives and fiscal outcomes. Her holistic perspective on business growth is grounded in a rigorous analysis of data, ensuring that every marketing conversation is intricately tied to the profit and loss statement. Jee’s expertise allows her to navigate complex market dynamics and drive strategies that not only resonate with the target audience but also deliver measurable financial results. It’s this big-picture approach, combined with her in-depth technological savvy, that positions her to steer marketing efforts in a direction that profoundly impacts the bottom line.

With a career that has spanned across a multitude of sectors—from healthcare and science to construction and entertainment—Jee has consistently proven herself to be an entrepreneurial tour de force. She has excelled in a variety of roles, whether it be leading teams to drive operational success or spearheading marketing strategies that resonate on a national scale. Jee’s broad experience is underpinned by her tenure as a CEO, where she not only managed to keep businesses thriving but also ensured the well-being of her teams, instilling in her a profound understanding of the challenges faced by executive leaders.

Jee’s history is rich with milestones, such as the creation of award-winning websites for iconic films to authoring a peer-reviewed scientific paper. At RedRover, her strategic insight was crucial in the rapid development of a far-reaching COVID-19 campaign that effectively disseminated vital information to a large community. Her capability to enact such significant impact stems from a deep-seated belief in the power of data-driven marketing strategies and her commitment to tangible results.

An adept strategist and marketing data expert, Jee possesses a remarkable ability to turn analytics into actionable growth plans. She is not only a champion of growth at RedRover but also a recognized voice in the realm of executive leadership, speaking to CEO groups across the Vistage Organization. Her sessions offer a rare blend of strategic depth and real-world experience, designed to elevate the capabilities of today’s leaders. Jee’s engagement with Vistage reflects her commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and her belief in the power of collective wisdom to transform businesses. 

Jee Vahn Knight’s unique blend of strategic acumen, digital innovation, and a results-oriented mindset has solidified her status as a transformative leader. Her impact extends beyond RedRover, shaping the broader landscape of growth marketing and redefining what it means to drive a company towards a prosperous future.