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Battle Three

You champion market research as a do-or-die investment.


Competitive intelligence Platforms
Platforms to gather competitor insights
Competitive Index
Rank your competitors in primary marketing channels
Value Proposition Comparison Grid
See how your value proposition stacks up in the market
Sales & Marketing Alignment Inventory
Identify gaps and develop action plans to address them
Ascending Offer Strategy Inventory
Pinpoint where to enhance your offers for higher levels of engagement
Sales Process/People/Comp Plan Evaluation Best Practices
Evaluate your sales process, the fit of your salespeople, and how your sales incentive plan is driving behaviors
Marketing Performance Audit template
Assess your marketing on primary channels
Customer Transaction Analysis Template
Assess your marketing on primary channels
Sample Size Calculator
Define the minimum number of responses required for your survey to have statistical relevance
Survey Length Estimation Calculator
Ensure your survey that takes respondents no more than ten minutes to complete
Survey Questionnaire Template
Questions that will give you a starting point for customization

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