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Case Study

A Brand Refresh To Match Unrivaled Innovation

RBR Enterprise

RBR Enterprise builds high-quality farming application equipment including chemical applicators, sprayers, floaters and fertilizer applicators. They engineer equipment with unmatched reliability and performance to exceed the needs of the demanding and ever-changing agricultural industry.

T H E   C H A L L E N G E

Even the strongest business can be hindered by dated branding, which was the case for RBR. It’s antiquated and hard-to-read brand did not reflect the company’s forward-thinking and innovation-focused mission. RBR leadership recognized that a brand can establish such a powerful identity that it sets itself apart from the competition and sparks a connection with its audience. And its goal was nothing short of that.

T H E   D R E A M

A brand that reflects the company’s mission of being innovative and ahead-of-the-curve, while still appealing to the agriculture industry.

T H E   S T R A T E G Y


A full brand overhaul can be detrimental to name recognition when a company is already established in the industry. That’s why we took elements from their existing brand —– such as the overlapping R, B and R letters in their logo —– and modernized it with a gradient and fades. We also notably improved the logo’s readability while giving it a modern twist. Lastly, we added a swoosh on the left side to visually represent RBR’s forward movement and growth in their industry.

Printed Ad Campaign

Our campaign theme “We’ve Got You Covered” leverages word play in that the Vector 300 provides coverage in two ways. As a large-field fertilizer you get maximum coverage with limited effort, and it’ll keep you covered for generations with its durability. The supporting visuals communicate the tough, no-nonsense, get-it-done philosophy of the brand through powerful visuals of the product at work that stop you in your tracks.

T H E   R E S U L T S

Through analytically inspired creativity, RedRover created a distinctly powerful and cutting-edge brand that stands out among RBR Enterprise’s competitors and breaks through all the noise competing for customer attention.

The branding refresh resulted in continued growth in brand awareness and loyalty, and laid the groundwork for many successful years of growth ahead.

Today, RBR has grown to a leading provider of farming equipment with more than 30 dealer locations and revenue above $40 million.

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