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Case Study

Branding Launch Brings Home the Bacon for Food Distributor

Mattfield Farms

Launched in 2017, Mattfield Farms brings quality, nutritious meats and veggies to grocery stores nationwide. Today, Mattfield Farms’ food products appear in more than 140 stores nationwide.

T H E   C H A L L E N G E

Metro Foods, Inc. had the expertise and resources to create a line of frozen-food products that stood above the competition for taste, quality and value. However, they knew that the right name and branding would be crucial to transform their idea into a sought-after store staple.

T H E   D R E A M

Metro Foods, Inc. wanted to create a dynamic brand that grocery stores and families alike recognized and trusted as a must-have provider of delicious, easy meals.

T H E   S T R A T E G Y

Crafting a Powerful Identity

RedRover began the brand-development process by researching the customers and stores that Metro Foods, Inc. hoped to attract with the new food brand and the competition in the space. The RedRover Pack then began brainstorming names that would evoke the feeling of home and comfort within people choosing these products. Together with the client, we settled on “Mattfield Farms,” touching on the company’s roots and history. RedRover’s designers created a visual identity to accompany the brand, including a nuanced logo, color palette, packaging, brochures and other sales collateral.

Building Social-Media Intrigue

The strategic content created demand by establishing personal connections with the readers and encouraging them to share their most popular recipes or vote on their favorite meals. After the page began to gain traction, RedRover introduced paid Facebook ads to target users who had previously interacted with the page and other users with similar interests.

Establishing Online Credibility

Once RedRover grew the Facebook page to 500 followers, we launched a website and monthly newsletter to increase the brand’s credibility and engagement with its audience. The website and newsletter shared nutrition information, recipes using Mattfield Farms products, exciting announcements, exclusive contests and more.

T H E   R E S U L T S

Before RedRover even launched the Mattfield Farms website, we grew the Facebook page by 500 followers and then helped Mattfield Farms capitalize on the Facebook momentum by packing the website with content that was valuable and relevant to the target audiences. The website experienced a low 31-percent bounce rate, compared to an industry benchmark of 60 percent. Most importantly, the multi-channel branding efforts helped Mattfield Farms surpass launch expectations — landing products in an array of grocery stores throughout the Southern and Midwestern regions.

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