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Case Study

Research-Backed Strategy Drives 28% Increase in Revenue

Mahaffey USA

For nearly a century, Mahaffey USA has supplied large temporary structures for events, warehousing, basecamps, airplane hangars and interim facilities of all sizes, levels of security and comfort needs. Mahaffey’s fabric-structure solutions have become a go-to alternative to brick-and-mortar buildings when new or expanded space is needed, with clients ranging in diversity from manufacturers to construction companies to firehouses and municipal school districts.

T H E   C H A L L E N G E

Mahaffey had been operating off a largely inbound and referral-based sales strategy alone before RedRover helped the company launch into a marketing strategy aligned with the company’s sales efforts. The marketing plan would generate inbound leads — a key piece of the sales pipeline they were missing.

T H E   D R E A M

Mahaffey was incredibly well known for their work in the petrochemical industry, but they knew they could diversify their mix across other industries. They wanted a strategic path forward to generate qualified leads across different industries.

T H E   S T R A T E G Y

Growth Optimization (GO) Research & Strategy Build

In order to drive new leads from a whole new channel, the only logical place to start is to deeply understand what attracts current viable leads to a product or service and what their needs are in the journey to a purchase decision. This is exactly where RedRover began with Mahaffey. 

RedRover launched our signature Growth Optimization (GO) process for the deep market-research dive that was needed to unleash a specific data-driven, ROI-based growth plan for Mahaffey. RedRover became ingrained in the Mahaffey business, understanding everything from what the targeted customer segments need and want in a supplier to how Mahaffey’s competition is positioned in front of the same segments.

Our comprehensive GO research process involved select customer interviews, a customer survey to provide both quantitative and qualitative insights, a workshop with the sales/customer service team, an analysis of specific industries in which the target customer segments reside, a marketing audit and deep financial and transaction analysis.

The GO research process led us to build a marketing plan customized for Mahaffey complete with monthly and quarterly lead-flow goals and an overall ROI prediction on the profitability of the plan. The customized Mahaffey marketing plan is inclusive of multiple marketing channels, including a targeted direct-mail series, landing-page optimization, print and online pay-per-click advertising, video storytelling, segmented email campaigns and thought-leadership PR.

T H E   R E S U L T S

RedRover succeeded in the initial charge of acquiring inbound leads by developing quality marketing campaigns that speak to Mahaffey’s strengths and capitalize on the company’s opportunity; these campaigns were launched through SEO, PPC and social tactics.

After completing the research and implementing a tailored strategy, a lot of great things happened:

  • We saw a 59% IMPROVEMENT in cost per acquisition
  • Industry expansion outside petrochemical ranged from 25% to 75% growth
  • Web-based leads increased by 33% and of which 65% were considered qualified
  • Qualified leads increased by 20%
  • Most importantly, we helped our client increase revenue by 28%

And in the first year, our client has a 2055% return on investment.

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