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Levi Wardell

Levi Wardell is a relentless force at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, driving client growth with unparalleled expertise and an unyielding commitment to excellence. As the Director of Client Outcomes, Levi’s strategic vision and execution prowess have positioned him as a pivotal leader, consistently delivering outstanding results for RedRover’s clients.

With 23 years of experience in demand generation and cross-channel marketing, Levi has mastered the art of creating, optimizing, and executing strategies that drive significant financial outcomes. His career is a testament to his ability to lead high-performing teams, develop scalable solutions, and generate measurable results. From leading enterprise-level media spend to implementing cutting-edge SEO and SEM strategies, Levi’s data-driven approach ensures every initiative impacts the bottom line.

Levi’s tenure at RedRover is marked by his aggressive approach to achieving client success. He has transformed the operational dynamics by introducing rigorous data analysis and innovative marketing strategies. His relentless focus on accountability and performance has driven significant growth, with his teams delivering exceptional marketing outcomes that consistently hit clients’ financial targets.

Prior to joining RedRover, Levi held senior roles at several leading agencies, including RevenueZen LLC, where he led a team responsible for 90% of the agency’s revenue and achieved 80% year-over-year growth. His strategic initiatives at WebMechanix and VIVA CREATIVE resulted in substantial revenue increases and enhanced client satisfaction. Levi’s ability to lead diverse teams and execute complex marketing strategies has set new benchmarks in the industry.

Outside of his professional life, Levi is an avid outdoorsman and adrenaline junkie, often found exploring the great outdoors or speeding across a lake on a jet ski. His adventurous spirit mirrors his professional drive, always pushing the limits to achieve new heights. Levi’s fiancé and collectively their three boys stand by watching with one eye covered as Levi lives each day with a limitless attitude. His 8-month-old puppy, Jihad-Jane, loves his bad dad jokes and is a constant companion in his adventures.

Levi’s aggressive pursuit of excellence and his commitment to innovative, data-driven strategies have made him a formidable leader in the marketing world. His ability to turn complex data into actionable growth plans has consistently delivered exceptional outcomes, setting a new standard for client success at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy.