The Guarantee
C A S E   S T U D Y 

Gaining market share beautifully. Standing out in a sea of white.

Client: Allure Bridals

Allure Bridals is a bridal dress manufacturer who believes “Brides deserve to be at their most beautiful” and aims not only to design and produce the perfect gown but to provide daily inspiration for brides-to-be.

T H E   C H A L L E N G E

Bridal Manufacturers, like Allure Bridals, often sell their product lines through independent retailers. These retailers do not typically offer brand-exclusivity, so customers have the opportunity to browse a manufacturer’s designs alongside its competitors. The extent to which your dealers/retailers promote your product line internally and to the end-user is largely out of your control.

Additionally, this industry does not typically see high brand awareness or brand loyalty. And the nature of the product is such that each customer’s lifetime value (LTV) is limited to a single transaction. So, being considered in the buying cycle for every potential customer is extremely important.

T H E   D R E A M

When it comes to bridal-gown shopping, it can be hard to differentiate one dress from another, let alone the brand name. Allure Bridals wanted to generate awareness and demand to become the number one requested brand in the US bridal space.

T H E   S T R A T E G Y

Generating awareness and demand for your product to increase the likelihood that the end-user will seek out and ultimately select your product in the buying process is the holy grail in the bridal industry. 

Lead Generation

Allure Bridals partnered with RedRover to address this very challenge. We began by working with the client to hand-select its top 50 retailers — independent bridal shops that had a positive track record of customer satisfaction, invoice payment and inventory management. Tailored around these top 50 independent retailers’ geographies, we developed Facebook campaigns that would dominate the digital space where a significant majority of brides begin their buying journey. The objective was to entice prospective customers with Allure product lines and generate leads directly to the choice retailer for an appointment. Our team set up tracking capabilities to provide activity insights and maximize Allure’s investment.

Brand Awareness

Often, a new competitor comes about, and they break through a channel that you have yet to use. Midway through our partnership, a new competitor came to town and they were conquering Pinterest. To ensure Allure Bridals did not lose market share, RedRover began a competitor conquest (targeting competitor brand names) and brand awareness campaign on Pinterest.

Virtual Event

The nature of the bridal gown industry is such that in-person appointments are ideal. So, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic we needed to recover customer activity that was halted by shelter-in-place directives. We organized the brand’s first ever “Virtual Trunk Show” to meet brides in their living rooms, with an elite selection of Allure Bridal’s independent retailers named as co-hosts. We leveraged an exciting Disney® partnership announcement to create buzz which achieved more than 6,000 registrants for the event which wildly exceeded the client’s expectations and inspired them to plan more of these events.

Digital Marketing



T H E   R E S U L T S

Since Allure isn’t selling B2C, actual customer transaction data isn’t available making the most meaningful metric the booking of customer appointments on behalf of their retailers. Through a variety of Facebook campaigns, our lead generation effort resulted in 161K prospective customers who clicked on the advertising to enter their contact information and requested an appointment with one of Allure’s choice retailers.

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest ads served over 52 Million impressions specifically targeted to women online who were (a) listed as engaged on their social media pages or (b) actively searching for wedding dresses on the internet. These platforms also resulted in a combined 1.68 Million video completions among women online who were (a) listed as engaged on their social media pages or (b) actively searching for wedding dresses on the internet. Pinterest’s competitor conquest and brand-awareness campaigns generated over 1 million clicks and over 110,000 image saves in 8 months. 

And needing to quickly pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic, Allure Bridals and its elite retailers were given the stage to showcase the latest in bridal trends to more than 1,500 live attendees in a single day. As an added bonus, they also collected an additional 4,500 individuals’ contact information who watched on demand and were dropped into a lead nurturing campaign. 

“As we were trying to expand our audience, RedRover provided the competitive research necessary to prove to our team the value of marketing on a social media platform that was new to us. Since they launched, RedRover generated 52 million impressions, over 1 million clicks, 100k+ saves. Their full-service, data-driven capabilities make them a great partner to work with.”

— Brittany M, Allure Bridals