The Guarantee

Mahaffey Fabric Structures

Company background

For nearly a century, Mahaffey Fabric Structures has supplied temporary structures for events, warehousing, basecamps, airplane hangars, and interim facilities of all sizes and levels of security and comfort needs.

Mahaffey’s fabric-structure solutions have become a go-to alternative to brick-and-mortar buildings when new space or expanded space is needed, with clients ranging in diversity from manufacturers to construction companies to firehouses and municipal school districts.

Why did they come to us?

Mahaffey came to us with a goal to increase new-business leads within certain segments of its customer base.

T H E   C H A R G E

Boost the Top of the Sales Funnel

In order to facilitate new leads, the only logical place to start is to deeply understand what attracts current viable leads to a product or service and what their needs are in the journey to a purchase decision. This is exactly where RedRover began with Mahaffey.

RedRover launched our signature Growth Optimization (GO) process for the deep dive that was needed to unleash a specific data-driven, ROI-based growth plan for Mahaffey. RedRover became ingrained in the Mahaffey business, understanding everything from what the targeted customer segments need and want in a supplier to how Mahaffey’s competition is positioned in front of the same segments.

Our comprehensive GO research process involved select customer interviews, a customer survey to provide both quantitative and qualitative data, a workshop with the sales/customer service team, analyses of specific industries in which the target customer segments reside, a marketing audit, and financial analyses.

The GO research led us to build a marketing plan customized for Mahaffey that is complete with monthly and quarterly lead-flow goals and an overall ROI prediction on the profitability of the plan. The customized Mahaffey marketing plan is inclusive of multiple marketing channels, including a targeted direct-mail series, landing-page optimization, print and online pay-per-click advertising, video storytelling, segmented email campaigns, and thought-leadership PR.

Branded Direct Mailers


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Branded Website

Branded Emails & Content

Short videos to showcase Mahaffey’s expertise in the fabric structure industry

In the world of fabric structures, there are companies that lease or sell products with minimal knowledge of other obstacles or challenges clients may face once the structure is in place. At Mahaffey, the expertise of their project managers is unsurpassed in the industry as a project manager visits any site where their structure will be placed in order to properly assess all needs.

Mahaffey’s Fabric Structures are not a one size fits all, and it was also important to demonstrate their flexibility and range of products offered to fit multiple needs through video content. This was also a great chance for people to hear directly from project managers.

Previously, this type of content had been curated as case studies on the MahaffeyUSA website, but the team at RedRover often found the conversations that took place between project managers and team members at RedRover were impactful for the overall client experience.

The overall campaign included a launch across all social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), and an email marketing campaign.

Our Results