The Guarantee

Why Ordinary Organizations Fail

And How to Ensure Yours Won’t by Unleashing a Powerful Sales
and Marketing Strategy that Is Anything But Ordinary

Drive growth by creating a measurable sales and marketing strategy that’s grounded in research and generates a predictable return on investment.

WOOF: Why Ordinary Organizations Fail, by Lori Turner-Wilson, is now available to the public. Want a sneak peak before ordering? Check out the book’s prologue or table of contents for more information. Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about the Author or request an appearance continue reading below.

“When attending a conference or seminar, I always look to pull out 3-5 nuggets of great information that can immediately improve my approach and execution. In WOOF, Lori Turner-Wilson has collected countless of these kibbles and bits that will benefit just about any marketing and sales professional. Taken in the collective, it offers an approach that stresses the connectivity of those two disciplines, showcasing how their integration is the way to unlock business success.” — Anthony Macri, VP of Partnership Marketing, Memphis Grizzlies

About the Author


Lori and her team at RedRover partner with mid-sized companies to improve the productivity of their sales force and the return on their marketing investment. This pack is uniquely known for driving measurable results, which is one of the reasons the firm was named by the Chamber as one of the “Top 10 Companies to Watch” in 2014.

In addition to driving sales and marketing strategy for RedRover clients, Lori is an internationally award-winning syndicated columnist, having penned a column titled “Guerrilla Sales & Marketing” for over ten years. WOOF is a compilation of the most transformative of those columns and has already earned honors such as the Amazon Best Sellers list (for sales books) and an International Communicator Award.

Spending her pre-RedRover career on the client side of the business, Lori sees the world a bit differently than most agency heads. Having been in the client’s shoes—leading corporate marketing, sales and communications teams for predominantly Fortune 1000 companies—she knows what it’s like to have ultimate responsibility for the bottom line. In fact, being in the client’s shoes is exactly why RedRover was formed. Lori and co-founder, Julie Lunn, started RedRover to do something no other local marketing agency was doing at the time—deliver tangible results that prompt a business’s profitable growth. And RedRover hasn’t stopped breaking the mold and shaking up the status quo since.

Lori is RedRover’s compass, ensuring client strategies are measurable and likely to deliver tangible, meaningful results. And it’s the reason WOOF is such a pragmatic, actionable book for driving growth for companies of all size.

Want to learn more about the author’s formative years that drove her to specialize in the disciplines of sales and marketing? Check out WOOF’s prologue.

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