The Guarantee

WOOF Table of Contents

WOOF - Why Ordinary Organizations Fail

And How to Ensure Yours Won't by Unleashing a Powerful Sales and Marketing Strategy that Is Anything But Ordinary


Establish a Strategy


  • What to Do When You’re Not Steve Jobs
  • Difference Between a Rut and a Grave
  • Rewiring Your Inherent Resistance to Change
  • Beware of Shiny Objects


  • Marketing on a Wing and a Prayer
  • Can Passion Become Poison?
  • The More You Know: Competitive Intelligence
  • The Brain Bone’s Attached to the Wallet Bone
  • The Psychology of Pricing
  • The Price Is Right


  • One Team, One Dream
  • Ensure Your Sales and Marketing Plan Delivers


Execute Your Marketing Strategy

Brand Management

  • Marking Your Territory
  • Speak Up
  • Richard Branson on Personal Branding
  • A Calling Card That Speaks Volumes
  • Marketing from the Heart

Target Marketing

  • Aim High
  • The Next-Generation Customer
  • The Significance of Generational Marketing
  • Boomers – Rebels With a Cause
  • X Marks the Spot
  • The Real Power of Gen Y
  • Mars and Venus

Website and Search Marketing

  • Google: Go Mobile or Go Home
  • Convert Web Traffic to Sales
  • Are Traditional Websites Dead?
  • Getting to Page One
  • Google Gets Inside Our Heads

Email Marketing

  • You’ve Got Email
  • Getting Sophisticated with Email Marketing
  • Four Steps to Grow Your Prospect Email List

Social Media Marketing

  • Psychology Behind Social Media
  • Investing in the Right Social Media Network
  • Social Media: Best of the Rest
  • Unleashing an Army of Brand Ambassadors
  • From Monologue to Dialogue
  • Seven Social Media Missteps to Avoid
  • Facebook Marketing Strategies
  • Twitter Marketing Strategies
  • Seven Twitter Tips You May Be Missing
  • Top Twitter Turnoffs
  • Engaging Followers Via LinkedIn Company Page
  • To Blog or Not to Blog?
  • Five Best Practices for Leveraging Pinterest
  • Ten Ways to Attract Pinterest Followers
  • Instagram Marketing Secrets
  • Marketing Strategies on Vine
  • Real-Time Marketing
  • Online Reputation Could be Killing Your Business

Public Relations

  • Use PR as Weapon Against Competition
  • PR: Caterpillar or Butterfly?
  • An Inspired Pitch
  • Sales: Missing Ingredient in PR
  • Top Ten PR Pitfalls
  • PR Crisis: The Intersection of Danger and Opportunity
  • Southwest Shows Right Model for Surviving Crises
  • Spokesperson Offers Brands Larger Voice
  • Drive Sales with a Cause


  • Art and Science of Advertising
  • How to Adapt to Today’s Visual Culture
  • Narrowcasting Kills Broadcast Advertising
  • Psychology Behind Persuasive Headlines
  • Online Advertising Strategies
  • Mobile Dependency Energizes Text Advertising
  • Ad Retargeting May Spoil Gift-Giving Surprise
  • Hey There! What’s Your Sign?


Execute Your Sales Strategy

The Modern Sales Process

  • The Evolution of Consultative Sales

Call Planning and Prep

  • Tips for Overcoming Fear of Selling
  • Get Your Mind Right Before Selling
  • Success Is All in the Prep
  • Reaching the Real Decision Maker
  • Cold Calling Gets a Bad Rap
  • Cold Feet? How to Avoid Cold-Calling Mistakes
  • Breaking Through the Voicemail Barrier
  • Cold Email Mastery, a Click Away from Anyone
  • The Opportunity in ‘No’
  • Six Best Practices to Boost Sales Efficiency

Building Trust and Rapport

  • Eight-Second Rule of First Impressions
  • The Secret of Instant Rapport
  • Building Trust in Sales
  • The More You Tell, the Less You Sell
  • Don’t Let Zeal Kill the Sale

Effective Questioning

  • The Power of Questions
  • How to Ask the Tough Questions

Tailor-Make Your Pitch

  • Mastering the Perfect Pitch
  • Talk Like TED in Your Sales Pitch
  • Use Storytelling to Sway Customers

Overcoming Objections

  • Techniques for Revealing Hidden Objections
  • Handling Those Objections
  • Sure-Fire Ways to Overcome Price Objections

Advancing the Sale

  • Six Tips for Shortening the Sales Cycle
  • Be a Seller, Not a Beggar
  • How to Deal with Prospect Stall Tactics
  • Follow-up Calls That Close Sales
  • When Hot Prospects Go Cold

Closing the Sale

  • Going, Going, Gone
  • Three Secrets to Closing More Business
  • Secrets to Embracing Rejection
  • “Success Is a Lousy Teacher”
  • Research: Optimists Sell More

Evolution of Sales Role

  • Changes in Buyer Behavior Critical to Business Survival
  • How Sales Teams Can Work Themselves Out of a Job
  • Pre-selling to Connected Buyers
  • Navigating First Contact with Connected Buyers

Unintentional Salespeople

  • Perils of Unintentional Salespeople
  • The Art of Selling Professional Services

Getting to Know Your Buyer

  • Cultivating Relationships with Distinct Buyer Types
  • Understand Prospects’ Personalities
  • Arm Your Sales Team with Buyer Personas
  • Buying Signals Help Avoid Overselling
  • Decoding Prospects’ Secret Language
  • The Silent Sales Killer – Body Language
  • Boost Sales by Talking Their Talk
  • Tips for Selling to First-Time Buyers
  • Persuading CEOs to Buy


  • Casting Your Net for Success
  • Make Memorable Impressions at Networking Events
  • Master the Business Lunch to Connect
  • Get LinkedIn to Opportunity

Generating Referrals

  • Six Easy Ways to Kick Referral Fears
  • Stop Asking for Referrals


  • Stop Bargaining; Start Negotiating
  • Ten No-Nonsense Negotiating Strategies
  • Five Top Sales Negotiation Mistakes

Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Avoid These Seven Deadly Sales Sins
  • Top Reasons Salespeople Find Failure
  • Sure-Fire Ways to Kill a Sale
  • Assumptions That Cost You Sales
  • Top Five Sales Excuses


  • Are Salespeople Born or Made?
  • Annual Sales Checkup
  • Delivering Value to Educated Buyers
  • Nine Common Sales Team Hurdles
  • Three Tips for Improving a Struggling Sales Team

Sales Culture

  • Sustained Growth Requires a Selling Culture
  • Developing a Repeatable Sales Process

Recruiting and Compensation

  • How to Spot Great Sales Talent
  • Ambiverts Make Sales Rock Stars
  • Right-Brained Reps in a Left-Brained World
  • Six Revealing Sales Interview Questions
  • Use EQ vs. IQ to Recruit Sales Talent
  • Getting What You Pay For


Measure Your Sales & Marketing Strategies

The Key to Predictable Returns

  • Benefits of a Dashboard in Driving Company Performance
  • Projecting Sales & Marketing Plan Returns
  • Sales Measurement Techniques to Move the Needle
  • The Priorities of the Data-Driven Marketer