The Guarantee
March 22

Weapon of Courage, Armor of Research and Data

One of the unique perspectives I offer RedRover, is my experience working at other agencies. Because of this, I’m often asked to examine our agency’s uniques through a microscope. Let me tell you why employees and clients choose RedRover.

To find what really makes our agency different from the rest, I often look at our core values. I want to specifically focus on being: courageous, agents of change, and having an incurable need for results. As creative director, I see how much we truly invest into those core values every day. They are the banners that we rally behind and hold steadfast. They aren’t just a showy decoration to use as a selling point. That’s what makes us different.

It’s not just our employees who demonstrate these values, it’s also our clients. One thing that can really affect how an agency operates is the clientele an agency chooses to partner with. I say partner because it really is a collaborative effort by both entities. There are many successful companies out there that find themselves complacent due to prior success. It’s the ole mentality of “don’t rock the boat.” But eventually that starts having a big impact on their effectiveness with advertising. Things get stale. If we, at RedRover, are supposed to be courageous and agents of change, then so do our clients. We’re selective. That’s one of the big reasons why I became part of the pack. We want to produce results, and get wins. But how do you “win” if the client doesn’t share the same enthusiasm? Companies that settle for hitting a plateau run the risk of getting left behind. Just look at BlockBuster vs. Netflix. There will always be competition. Being courageous with your marketing and strategies is the best way to stay ahead of the pack.

Being both agents of change and courageous is balanced by our incurable need for results. Most agencies say they are great at research and strategic planning, but they never put in the work and don’t have deep research experience. Here at RedRover, we take researching very seriously. We exhaustively and constantly look at data, numbers, trends, and market insights. Whenever we provide a client with a new strategy, it’s being backed by research. It’s not the result of some junior account executive flying by the seat of his or her pants (seriously, it happens way too often. This, honestly, was one of the biggest shocks I experienced when coming to RedRover. I was used to “research” as I knew it. Now, after watching what our Growth Optimization team does, I realize that what most agency’s consider research is laughable. Data drives results here, not biases.

That’s why I believe RedRover is unique. We charge into the battlefield of marketing, wielding both innovation and courageousness as our weapons. And we find safety with research and data as our armor.

Jesse Lorencz, RedRover Creative Director

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