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Tools and competitive industry insights from our team of sales and marketing experts. We don’t just keep our subject matter experts to ourselves; RedRover is here to bring them to you!

The CEO’s Marketing Dashboard

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Are you wasting marketing dollars?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone.

Studies over the past decade estimate that 10 to 40 percent of all marketing spend is wasted. And researchers are still uncovering how those numbers have changed during the pandemic.

Your marketing investment is too important for your business growth to waste a single cent in the wrong place.

Gain clarity into your marketing spend by building a world-class marketing dashboard with Jee Vahn Knight.

Jee is VP of Growth at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, one of the only agencies in the country with the guts to guarantee their results. She is an entrepreneurial powerhouse who has led teams in industries ranging from healthcare and science to construction and entertainment. Jee has carried the weight of being a CEO — of keeping employees fed and getting dollars in the door — so she is passionate about lightening the loads of executives through growth-focused strategies.


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