The Guarantee
July 20

The Sky’s the Limit at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy

While my time at RedRover has been relatively brief, my experience as a member of the “pack” has amounted to so much more than my two years here. We work on such a wide variety of projects in a fast-paced environment—and that’s what’s great about this job. In a single week, I might participate in a campaign brainstorm and design a new logo, web page or packaging for a client’s new product line!

The pace, variety of work and tight team collaboration not only make this a great place to work—they drive our ability to deliver great results for our clients. Of course, it takes the right people working closely together to make this kind of ship sail.

Any company that cares about developing and fostering a group of employees will work to instill in them a series of beliefs—or, core values. We have core values at RedRover as well, though this is the first time in my career I have ever seen a company truly invested in finding new team members that display those characteristics and align with those core values intrinsically. We call this, “right people, right seats.”

One of these core values is: Incurable Need for Results. I see our team embody this every day in a very tangible way. Our team cares about so much more than just “getting the work done.” We care about making moves that will deliver results and make a difference for our clients. Our pack is practically constantly brainstorming and sharing new ideas for clients, looking at performance dashboards and exploring game-changing ways to elevate marketing strategies even more. The diversity on our team makes this work exceptionally well. Our team is comprised of experts and seasoned vets in PR, creative design, digital marketing, sales and leadership—just to name a few.

As one example of this in action, as part of our Growth Optimization projects, our entire team comes together to brainstorm strategies that will drive results. Imagine experts coming around a literal table, sharing their ideas and debating tactics that should be included in a client’s marketing plan. It’s an opportunity to deliver the best for our clients and for each of us to sharpen our own knowledge and skills as we learn from our talented peers.

My take on what it’s like to be part of RedRover is this: When you’ve got a team driven by an incurable need for results, and the right people in the right seats, all playing from the same playbook, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.

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