The Guarantee
August 27

Team Win Before the Self Win

I was introduced to RedRover nearly five years ago. I had just moved back to Memphis from Chicago, Illinois and was in search of my next career adventure. I remember being struck by the backstories and experience of the team as I read through the company website. When I finally joined that team and had a chance to meet them, I was again struck by just how good they were and how dedicated each person was to “moving the needle,” both for RedRover and its clients.

Today, while the team may look a little different than it did back then, that dedication has not changed. That unwavering commitment to results and success can be traced back to RedRover’s core values. A lot of companies spout various core values and maybe even have a few motivational posters on the wall to show their commitment to those values. At RedRover, our core values actually permeate everything we do.

RedRover’s five core values – courage, agent of change, self-discipline and accountability, incurable need for results, and team-win before the self-win and the win matters – are an intrinsic part of this company. If you read through the website or even eventually join this team, you will no doubt have the same realization about how powerful these are in shaping a successful team.

You may have noticed I have already used the word team several times. This is because RedRover is a genuine team, and everyone here understands a team is only as good as the sum of its parts.

The level of teamwork inside these walls makes me proud each and every day. I see it when we all come together to brainstorm a new campaign for a client, or solutions to redirect a campaign that might not be performing to its full potential. And I see it in the way we praise each other and share one another’s successes or good deeds with the rest of the company. This team knows it takes a village to win.

Most projects in our industry require collaboration to be executed at a game-changing level. It takes skilled copywriters, graphic designers and proofers to create every brochure, billboard and website. No single person can execute multi-faceted campaigns as effectively as a team of players who each excel in their unique positions. Every pack member brings a unique set of skills to the table, and, together, we write winning plays for our clients.

Knowing you have an excellent team behind you every step of the way also makes doing your job easier and more enjoyable. When each person is playing their role and firing on all cylinders, the work really shines.

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