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RedRover Live is your best resource for competitive industry insights like B2B and B2C sales and marketing tips, tricks, and stats compiled and presented by our team of sales and marketing experts. We don’t just keep our subject matter experts to ourselves; RedRover Live is here to bring them to you! Here you can binge on C-suite content powered by intensive research, marketing and sales strategy alignment.

The CEO’s Marketing Dashboard

March 24 at 2pm CST

Are you wasting marketing dollars?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone.

Studies over the past decade estimate that 10 to 40 percent of all marketing spend is wasted. And researchers are still uncovering how those numbers have changed during the pandemic.

Your marketing investment is too important for your business growth to waste a single cent in the wrong place.

Gain clarity into your marketing spend by building a world-class marketing dashboard with Jee Vahn Knight.

Jee is VP of Growth at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, one of the only agencies in the country with the guts to guarantee their results. She is an entrepreneurial powerhouse who has led teams in industries ranging from healthcare and science to construction and entertainment. Jee has carried the weight of being a CEO — of keeping employees fed and getting dollars in the door — so she is passionate about lightening the loads of executives through growth-focused strategies.


Register: WTF 2020 On-Demand

Making Data-Driven Decisions After A Roller Coaster Year This roller coaster year has impacted nearly every aspect of the way businesses operate, from budgets and strategic plans to sales and marketing. While some changes may be temporary, many are here to stay. What has 2020 taught us that can be...

Register: 7 Essentials to Fight Analysis Paralysis On-Demand

Webinar: 7 ESSENTIALS TO FIGHT ANALYSIS PARALYSIS A lack of a strong marketing strategy aligned with sales goals creates a lot of questions on whether or not your company is spending effort and dollars on the “right” marketing efforts. That concern can cause paralyzing indecision. This 30-minute webinar is designed for the CEO that wants...

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Objectively Assessing The Skill & Fit of Your Sales & Marketing Teams for the Seats They’re In Are you poised to hit your top and bottom line goals with the team you have in place? Find out with a complimentary Culture Index survey for yourself and up to three members of your team...

Register: B2B Sales 2.0 Two-Part Webinar Series On-Demand

Don’t get dragged down by fear. In this new world of post-COVID customer habits and unknown economic predictions, sales leaders need to know how to act quickly and change old sales habits now. Today B2B companies need to be treating their digital interactions tenfold more important than they were before...

Register: From Funnel to Flywheel: B2B Sales in a Global Pandemic

If you’re in B2B sales, COVID-19 has forever changed the world as you know it. If you’re waiting for the way business is conducted to return to business as usual, you may be waiting a long time. In this can’t-miss FREE webinar, you will learn: Why you should move from...

On Demand Webinar: Memphis Business COVID-19 Response

Don’t let indecision leave money on the table; by waiting until COVID-19 blows over before you adjust and deploy a growth strategy for the new normal. Find out why now is the time to become a first-mover. In this ON DEMAND webinar, you will: receive the insights from our recent Memphis...

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