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Will Cook

Will Cook

Senior Art Director

Will Cook

A Little Kibble

Will discovered his destiny at the ripe old age of 10. He began taking drawing lessons in the 3rd grade from an incredible art teacher named Mrs. Dobson who encouraged him as a young artist. He had an affinity for drawing comics. To this day, he is an avid collector of comics and may be our most well-versed Comic Con pack member ever.

Sometime during his freshman year at college, Will pondered how he could parlay his passion for art into a vibrant career. He took some courses and found professional graphic design was the perfect venue for his natural talent and drive.

Will brings an impressive design wheelhouse to RedRover. When Will puts in his earbuds and gets in “the zone,” everyone knows that something brilliant is coming soon.

Feeding Time

Will earned his bachelor’s in fine arts from the University of Tennessee at Martin. His past work experience includes creative positions within Savant Learning Systems where he honed his e-learning design skills and led a team of 15 designers in Captivate training and methods for executing ideas in Captivate. And The Commercial Appeal, where Will served as a graphic designer and made ad design his focus.

Like most artists, Will’s passions run the gamut of art, music, local entertainment, and sports. He’s a musician, having played in various bands in Memphis for the last 10 years. As a music collector, he spends weekends scouring record stores for the next big find. Will believes that “listening to your favorite band on vinyl gives you more of a musical experience than digital.”

A devout baseball and hockey fan, Will is a die-hard fan of two Detroit teams – the Tigers and the Red Wings – making it to a few live games each year.

Will can be described as an obsessed cyclist, having always enjoyed the simple mechanics of a bicycle. He rides for both recreation and exercise. You may see him on his Surly Pacer riding around in midtown or downtown, visiting a local brewery.

Currently a mid-towner, Will enjoys the sights and sounds of Memphis with his lovely new wife, Lacie Glover Cook.

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