The Guarantee
Levi Wardell

Levi Wardell

Director of Client Outcomes

Levi Wardell

A Little Kibble

As RedRover’s Director of Client Outcomes, Levi fights to win, as winning means driving growth for our clients. He had decades of experience in digital marketing, websites, SEO and SEM. He has grown and developed high performing teams that drive accountability and deliver marketing outcomes. Levi simply isn’t satisfied unless his work, and his team’s work, is hitting his client’s bottom-line.

Feeding Time

Outside of marketing, Levi is an outdoorsman and adrenaline junkie at heart, bushwhacking his way across the country. As a water enthusiast, you can find him on a lake or at the beach, but don’t blink or you’ll be staring at the wake of his jet ski! He has an 8 year old great dane named Nikko who refuses to believe he isn’t a 225lb lap dog and a curious black cat who adopted him last year.

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