The Guarantee
Chelsea Holden

Chelsea Holden

Manager of Shared Services

Chelsea Holden

A Little Kibble

As RedRover’s Manager of Shared Services, Chelsea is dedicated to putting the right people in the right seats and ensuring our Pack has the resources needed for success. Every day, Chelsea finds new, innovative ways to share the RedRover mission and culture with current and future Pack members.

Feeding Time

With a background in business administration and marketing, Chelsea is an expert at facilitating effective communication. Prior to joining the Pack, Chelsea served as a Project Manager for Walmart and Dunkin’ Donuts, where she practiced listening to understand and ensuring everyone received vital information in the mediums they needed most. Chelsea worked to find holes within existing project-management structures and put processes in place to streamline communication.

At RedRover, Chelsea taps into her project-management and sales experience to uncover what each prospective employee is looking for in a job and to inspire them with the story of RedRover. She confidently solves problems on the fly, tackling issues with unapologetic aggression to drive results for RedRover’s recruiting efforts.

Chelsea currently resides in Arkansas with her family and her cats, Ellie and Quinn. In her free time, she likes to travel, spend time with friends and binge-watch TV shows. (“Ted Lasso,” anyone?)

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