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Chasidy Crum

Chasidy Crum


Chasidy Crum

A Little Kibble

As a RedRover Director, Chasidy fights to win for our clients every day. She has over 24 years of experience in sales and marketing and is well-versed in the full life cycle of websites, SEO, SEM and social media. In addition to the digital marketing, she has experience in sales, traditional marketing, brand management, strategic planning, relationship management and event planning.

Feeding Time

Chasidy’s career started in customer service and sales at a local State Farm in 1995. Since then she has gained many years of experience with marketing and sales of various products and services including medical, financial and management consulting. She was most recently the Director of Marketing for a large digital agency. After deciding to take her career to the next level of growth, she joined the RedRover pack.

Outside of marketing, Chasidy loves spending quality time with her husband and children. They enjoy dinner, shopping, trips to get ice cream, visiting the Memphis Zoo and being on vacation. She has one dog named Jake. He loves when the kids love on him and feed him their snacks. She also works part-time for her church, where she and her husband lead the Life Group ministry for the Olive Branch Campus. If that wasn’t enough to stay busy, she is also a semi-professional cake decorator, but usually only makes them for close family and friends.

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