The Guarantee
June 14

Never Stop Digging

Have you ever tried to stop a dog digging a hole? If so, then you know how hard it is to break their focus. That’s not a much different picture than how the RedRover pack works. With our focus set on client results, we never stop digging.

It is that core value – incurable need for results – that fuels my passion for RedRover. I can honestly say I have never worked with a group that is more laser-focused on results. No member of our pack is willing to accept, “I don’t know, it just isn’t working,” as an answer when a tactic or creative piece isn’t performing as expected. Instead, this team takes the time to review results, understand them, and then make changes as needed.

While everyone has their individual role and account responsibilities, there is never the sense that results are achieved by or rest on the shoulders of one individual. Strategy development and execution is team-centric, from a small creative meeting to a whole team brainstorm. This collaboration is the behavior driven by RedRover’s core value of team win before the self-win, and the win matters.

While many organizations have core values that live on posters, our core values are lived out in our work. It is because of this that RedRover is able to make the bold statement of “Marketing Results. Guaranteed.” And it isn’t just an attention-grabbing marketing message. It is a real guarantee to clients to deliver measurable results that will change their business. If by chance we miss the defined goals and metrics, clients are credited the difference.

Delivering guaranteed marketing results is what makes RedRover unique for our clients, but it is the collaborative commitment to those results that makes RedRover unique for our pack. We never stop digging.

Ashley Sullivan, Lead Generation Specialist at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, can be reached at

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