The Guarantee

When you refer clients to RedRover you earn more income, your referral gets more bottom-line results and our pack grows.

For 15 years, RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy’s pack of rock stars have been courageous agents of change that take big leaps to drive meaningful results for our clients. 

Now, we want to grow our client portfolio. We’re making a special offer to media sales professionals who refer business to us. Your referral will earn you referral fees of up to 10%(*) on any business closed based on that referral for the next twelve months.

About RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy

Our purpose at RedRover is to crash the ceilings that limit our clients’ growth potential. We are an agency of a different breed — breaking the mold of what clients have come to expect from an agency. 

RedRover is a fanatically metric-focused, full-service agency with deep market-research and strategic-planning chops which allow us to develop performance-driven strategies informed by keen insights and backed by a bold results guarantee!

They say the strength of the wolf is in its pack, and we want to thank you for helping us grow our pack of great clients by offering you a meaningful advantage. 

Before you get started, email or complete the form below to get a copy of our media referral agreement.

There are three ways you can make a referral:

Send an introduction between your contact and Jee Vahn Knight, RedRover’s Director of Growth

Call Jee at 901-266-2662

Fill out the short referral form below

Please submit this short referral form, and we’ll take it from there! We know how valuable your business relationships are, and our team will be sure to update you when we make contact.