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November 19

Lori Turner-Wilson Receives Award from Global Business Organization

RedRover’s CEO, Lori Turner-Wilson, and two other Memphis business executives recently took home recognition from global CEO group Vistage for the way they steer their companies to achieve business excellence in Memphis.

As a global network, Vistage operates in 20 countries and has 23,000 members – all CEOs, owners or executives of small to midsize businesses. The Memphis Vistage presence is maintained by four chairs operating 10 different regional executive groups for a total of more than 150 members.

On October 24, Vistage Excellence Awards were given to these Memphis-area business leaders:

· Lori Turner-Wilson, CEO and Co-founder, RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy – Vistage Impact Award

· Nick Gant, President, Gant Systems – Vistage Leadership Award

· Tim Clay, CEO, Cornerstone Systems – Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award

In conjunction with receiving the awards, the three executives shared the stories of their companies’ founding in front of an audience of more than 100 other Memphis-area business leaders. The founders’ talk took place during Memphis’s inaugural Vistage Executive Summit held at the Memphis Botanic Garden.

“The stories that Lori, Nick, and Tim shared were inspiring,” said Memphis Vistage Chair Bob Moore, who organized the Memphis Vistage Executive Summit along with other area chairs. “Lori leaving a corporate job to risk it all and start RedRover to provide results to clients that she thought were missing in the marketing/advertising industry. Nick, leaving home as a teenager, getting his own place and making a living with a garage full of dial-up modems serving AOL customers. Tim and his partner leaving their company to create Cornerstone Systems with the purpose of giving their people a better place to work.”

“All three exemplify the qualities of an entrepreneur and a true business leader. They are always learning, growing and striving to be more,” continued Moore.

Turner-Wilson’s Impact Award is for the recent business results achieved within RedRover and her stand-out participation in her regional group, chaired by Bently Goodwin. Over her nearly two years of involvement with the group, she has earned a reputation for proven leadership, innovation and exceptional performance inside both the Vistage group and her firm.

“Lori uses her Vistage group as a board, bringing tough challenges for discussion. She listens to the questions and feedback of her fellow members, then makes HER decision and acts intentionally to implement,” said Goodwin.

Notably – in light of recent historic national election results for women candidates – Turner-Wilson is the only female executive in her regional group.

Gant’s Leadership Award is in recognition of his decision-making that benefits not only Gant Systems but also the community and his family. Winners of this award embody the values of trust, caring, challenge and growth.

Clay’s Lifetime Achievement Award honors his ongoing commitment to learning and development as a longstanding Vistage member. A 12-year member, Cornerstone Systems has garnered a track record of sound experience and decision-making and has been generous in his support and inspiration of fellow Vistage members.

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