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March 19

Generate a 32:1 ROI on Email Marketing

As published in The Daily Memphian.

One of the most cost-effective strategies for driving web traffic and generating online leads is email marketing. For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $32. Unfortunately, most small and mid-sized companies have an email database filled mostly of current clients, business partners and other friends of the firm. To put a fire under your email marketing and dramatically boost results, follow these five steps for growing your email database.

Begin your email acquisition efforts by creating a reason to entice potential subscribers to turn over their coveted email address. Conduct an audit of all the original content you could offer subscribers – either content you’ve already developed or could easily develop. Consider presentations, videos of training or keynote addresses you’ve delivered, white papers, webinars, podcasts, case studies, articles, research and industry tools.

Next create a simple landing page for each of these assets that you’ll ask new subscribers to complete in order to download that asset. Keep it simple with just a brief description of the content offered, a simple visual of it, and a short contact form. Ensure you provide enough of a teaser about the content to sufficiently entice the site visitor to subscribe, but not so much that they can do without the additional information. The fewer fields required to access the content, the higher your completion rate. In fact, consider making the only required fields name and email address. You can always make company, title, and phone number optional.

Next, work to convert your existing website traffic to email subscriptions by finding appropriate places on your website – such as your blog, resources page and home page – to promote your content offers. Design breakthrough ads on your site, which link to your newly created landing pages.

Promote your content offers through all of your active social-media channels. LinkedIn is a particularly viable option for this purpose. Promote your content offers on both your personal profile and your company page. If you’re a member of LinkedIn groups comprised primarily of your target market, promote your content offers through those groups. To ensure these group members don’t consider your email opportunistic or spam, be sure to offer value without overt benefit to you. Give away one content asset and promote a second that requires contact information in order to receive.

Lastly, organize each of your content assets into a resource center or library on your website to serve as an ongoing source of website traffic, email subscribers and new customers.

Most companies these days are already investing time developing original content of some kind. Why not get more value out of it by repurposing it in an effort to add valuable prospect email addresses to your database?

Lori Turner-Wilson is the CEO/Founder at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy. She can be reached at

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