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No matter the nature of your challenge, RedRover has likely diagnosed and solved a similar obstacle to growth for its diverse client base. Our team is data-driven and tenacious in developing a tailored strategy, informed by a deep understanding of the past- and current-state variables impacting your success.

Case Studies

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A Website Refresh to Make Home Dreams Come True

A growing bank in the Memphis metro needed to transform their website to better encapsulate the brand and capture more qualified leads. RedRover helped create an analytically inspired site that continues to boost the bank’s bottom line today.

Research-Backed Strategy Drives 28% Increase in Revenue

Mahaffey was incredibly well known for their work in the petrochemical industry, but they knew they could diversify their mix across other industries as well. They wanted a strategic path forward to generate qualified leads across different industries, and that’s what RedRover delivered.

Multi-Year Marketing Partnership Explodes Lead Generation for Relocation Company

A powerhouse provider of commercial and residential relocation needed to unify and optimize their digital presence for lead generation. They trusted RedRover with their growth goals, leading to an ongoing partnership that continues to reach new heights.

Leveraging a Brand’s Most Valuable and Often Underutilized Asset — Customer Data

Upscale women’s clothing retailer, Ming Wang, had just launched a new e-commerce website. Now they needed a significant boost in traffic to ensure this sizable investment paid off via a massive, multi-pronged series of email campaigns.

Branding Launch Brings Home the Bacon for Food Distributor

For nearly 40 years, Metro Foods, Inc. operated as a successful food-packaging and distribution company. In early 2015, company leaders decided to establish their own brand of frozen food products. They brought in RedRover for a go-to-market strategy that would land their products in grocery stores across the region.

Delivering Exceptional Cancer Care ... Hospital Administrators Be Damned

As large hospital systems put the squeeze on the only remaining independent oncology practice in the region, RedRover was determined to disrupt the market with honest messaging that had a much larger area competitor crying, “Uncle!”

Nothing Short of Shifting Public Opinion

Memphis International Airport had an uphill climb on their hands — to shift public opinion in a tumultuous market where the airport had unfairly become the scapegoat. RedRover was tapped to identify a message that would win hearts and minds, and not only quiet the naysayers, but build a groundswell of support for the airport’s long-range vision.

GO Research & Plan Breaks Down Barriers to Bridge

Facing an aging member base and a younger generation that wasn’t yet familiar with the game of bridge, the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) called on RedRover to overcome the barriers limiting their new-member acquisition and pave the way for expansion into a new target market.


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