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No matter the nature of your challenge, RedRover has likely diagnosed and solved a similar obstacle to growth for its diverse client base. Our team is data-driven and tenacious in developing a tailored strategy, informed by a deep understanding of the past- and current-state variables impacting your success.

Case Studies

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Custom E-Learning Course Creates Customer-Experience All-Stars

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) needed a way to scale and more efficiently deliver world-class service training to their growing internal teams in an engaging, accessible format. They tapped RedRover to create a highly-customized e-learning course to take their training to the next level.

A Website Refresh to Make Home Dreams Come True

A growing bank in the Memphis metro needed to transform their website to better encapsulate the brand and capture more qualified leads. RedRover helped create an analytically inspired site that continues to boost the bank’s bottom line today.

Fabricating the Foundation of a Company that Breaks the Mold

Having existed for 50 years under a different brand that specialized in supplying steel for structural projects, company leadership now had a bold new vision in mind. They would need a name, a branding strategy and quick brand awareness to compete in this lucrative new market.

Multi-Year Marketing Partnership Explodes Lead Generation for Relocation Company

A powerhouse provider of commercial and residential relocation needed to unify and optimize their digital presence for lead generation. They trusted RedRover with their growth goals, leading to an ongoing partnership that continues to reach new heights.

Gaining market share beautifully. Standing out in a sea of white.

Allure Bridals partnered with RedRover to address a very common challenge for B2B2C fashion brands —– standing out in a sea of competition.

Being Responsive in a Pandemic Pays Off

Like many companies during COVID, Mahaffey experienced a lull in inbound traffic and leads in the early days of the pandemic. With many of their client’s operations coming to a halt, business suffered but the revenue goals still needed to remain intact. It was time to get even more aggressive — when competitors were taking a defensive posture — in order to protect their future and grow market share.

A brand refresh to match unrivaled innovation.

An antiquated brand did not reflect the company’s forward-thinking, innovation-focused mission. RedRover reimagined RBR’s brand strategy so that it would serve as a powerful credibility builder for years to come.

Wellness Communications Campaign to Reduce Healthcare Costs and Turnover

Facing years of double-digit increases to their healthcare costs and a typical manufacturing employee base somewhat complacent about their own health, Thomas & Betts tapped RedRover to turn around this multi-year trend as an investment in their team and to serve as a company differentiator for years to come.

Leveraging a Brand’s Most Valuable and Often Underutilized Asset — Customer Data

Upscale women’s clothing retailer, Ming Wang, had just launched a new e-commerce website. Now they needed a significant boost in traffic to ensure this sizable investment paid off via a massive, multi-pronged series of email campaigns.


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