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No matter the nature of your challenge, RedRover has likely diagnosed and solved a similar obstacle to growth for its diverse client base. Our team is data-driven and tenacious in developing a tailored strategy, informed by a deep understanding of the past- and current-state variables impacting your success.

Case Studies

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Research-Backed Strategy Drives 28% Increase in Revenue

Mahaffey was incredibly well known for their work in the petrochemical industry, but they knew they could diversify their mix across other industries as well. They wanted a strategic path forward to generate qualified leads across different industries, and that’s what RedRover delivered.

Fabricating the Foundation of a Company that Breaks the Mold

Having existed for 50 years under a different brand that specialized in supplying steel for structural projects, company leadership now had a bold new vision in mind. They would need a name, a branding strategy and quick brand awareness to compete in this lucrative new market.

Being Responsive in a Pandemic Pays Off

Like many companies during COVID, Mahaffey experienced a lull in inbound traffic and leads in the early days of the pandemic. With many of their client’s operations coming to a halt, business suffered but the revenue goals still needed to remain intact. It was time to get even more aggressive — when competitors were taking a defensive posture — in order to protect their future and grow market share.

Building a National Brand & Sales Pipeline From Scratch

DreamCatcher Hotels had a disruptive new approach to casino hotel design and development that would take the industry by storm with the right exposure. They tapped RedRover as their long-range marketing partner to build the brand and a strategy that would fill their development pipeline.

Wellness Communications Campaign to Reduce Healthcare Costs and Turnover

Facing years of double-digit increases to their healthcare costs and a typical manufacturing employee base somewhat complacent about their own health, Thomas & Betts tapped RedRover to turn around this multi-year trend as an investment in their team and to serve as a company differentiator for years to come.

Recruiting Campaign Drives Results Amid Labor Shortage

Flanked by COVID-19 and a nationwide hiring shortage, Empire Packing needed to ramp up their recruiting efforts or else risk losing vendor partnerships. RedRover’s strategic campaign broke through the recruiting challenges to deliver exceptional results. 

Videos Bring Case Studies to Life

Mahaffey wanted to highlight the unsurpassed expertise of their project managers in a way that could be demonstrated to those who had no experience with the brand. That’s where RedRover came into play.


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