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November 27

Be There for Life’s Micro-Moments

As originally published in The Daily Memphian.

Imagine an everyday scenario where friends meet for lunch without a plan. One friend suggests Chinese and everyone agrees. But where? Smartphones are drawn. A few swipes and a quick search later and the friends are headed to a nearby restaurant with positive reviews. This business owner is reaping the benefits of micro-moment marketing.

Wait. What? What exactly is a micro-moment? And what does it have to do with deciding where to eat lunch?

Micro-moments are consumer behaviors defined as times when consumers use a device, like a smartphone, to search and find what they need or want. Think of it as in-the-moment problem solving on the consumers’ part, and it often occurs rapidly.

Google outlines four types of micro-moments. They are: (1) I want to know, (2) I want to do, (3) I want to go, and (4) I want to buy. The most important element about these moments, is they kick the presumed linear customer journey to the curb – bypassing traditional steps. So how do you market to such a fast-moving target?

First, you want to hone in on data that’s available to you. Use Google Analytics to uncover trends in site activity and explore why customers visit your website. You’ll also want to use analytics to identify demographics to create a customer persona, a representation of your ideal customer based on existing customers. When you know who you are talking to, you can anticipate the information they are seeking and create content to satisfy micro-moment inquires before they happen.

Next, implement tactics to capture each type of micro-moment behavior. The “I want to know” consumers are dipping toes in the water and want general questions answered. Offer useful content that speaks to their needs and exposes them to your product or services. Make this information available on your website and social channels.

“I want to do” consumers crave details. They are looking for specific information about engaging with your products and services. Offer them reviews and technical information like how to make something or buy something. Video is a great way to distribute content to this audience, as searches of “how to” videos on YouTube have increased 70 percent year over year.

“I want to go” consumers are ready to visit a business nearby. To ensure you are there for this micro-moment, use mobile ads capitalizing on “near me” and location-based searches, and list your business on local sites (e.g., Google Local).

The “I want to buy” consumers are ready to buy and are searching for the place to do so. Make it easy to discover your product or services. Use local inventory search ads to drive them to a physical location; use retargeting campaigns to convert e-commerce sales; and list your products with online marketplace sites like Amazon.

Micro-moment marketing is here to stay. Anticipate your untapped customers’ needs and meet them in their micro-moments.

Tricia Warren, Marketing Strategist at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, can be reached at

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