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June 13

Are You Reaching Generation Z?

There is a large group of prospective customers your marketing efforts are probably missing. They are age 22 and younger and have never known a world without the internet or smartphones. They are Generation Z, and if you are not speaking their language, it’s time to start. This unique cohort is expected to make up about 40-percent of all consumers by the year 2020.

Generation Z-ers have an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive for independence. They are entering the full-time workforce at a younger age than their Millennial predecessors, often bypassing traditional higher education. What this means for your business is that this group already has buying power, and if you aren’t speaking their language, you are missing out.

Here are five things to keep in mind as you craft your Generation Z marketing strategy.

Get Social. Generation Z is by far the most tech-savvy generation. Marketing strategies should start on social and on mobile, with direct, to-the-point messaging. This generation wants individual experiences, so using data to tailor the customer experience is crucial. Gen Z values authenticity and wants to see “behind the curtain.” Use Instagram stories and upload videos to YouTube. On average, Generation Z watches two to four hours of YouTube content every day.

Use Real People. Humanize your brand. Generation Z has embraced influencer marketing more than Millennials, and reviews and content from real people are important to them. But if it’s not genuine, it will fail. Guerrilla marketing tactics are also effective. Engaging your audience in an actual, memorable experience will leave a lasting impression.

Get to the Point. When selling to Generation Z, communicate your message clearly and quickly. The average Generation Z-er has an attention span of eight seconds. Take advantage of visuals instead of plain text. Be creative to hold their attention.

Quality. Generation Z has unprecedented access to crowdsourced information and are accustomed to doing extensive research before buying. Gain the upper hand by providing them with an abundance of information and connecting the dots for them. This puts you in the position to be viewed as an expert who truly understands their needs.

Social Responsibility. Generation Z wants to see that your company is committed to making the world a better place. Are you a B Corporation or B-Corp? Familiarize yourself with that term if you do not know it. Talk about any positive impact you are making in your community or in the world. Do you work with charities? Do your employees volunteer? Show Gen Z that when it comes to social responsibility, you walk the walk.

With Generation Z expected to make up more than one-third of the population in just a couple of years, there is no doubt you need to get on board with them. Get social and stay authentic and direct, and you may just have a leg up on competitors.

Charles Vance, Manager Marketing Team Development, at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, can be reached at

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