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December 10

Annual Sales Checkup

THE SECRET TO SELLING SUCCESS boils down to how well salespeople execute the fundamentals — or “blocking and tackling,” as one of my clients calls it. Even though there are many possible scapegoats for flat or declining sales, in the end, the true culprit is generally one or more missing fundamentals: the right talent, proper training, accountability or motivation. Reinvigorate your sales efforts with this four-point sales checkup: Checkpoint 1 — The Right Talent: Do you have the right talent in the right roles? Have you been asking farmers to hunt? Farmers prefer cultivating existing customer relationships. Hunters get energy from tracking down new opportunities. Training a farmer to hunt requires significant time and resources. If you’re not sure how well team members fit their roles, consider having a formal assessment conducted. Checkpoint 2 — Sales Skills: Does your sales team prepare enough for sales calls? How sharp are team members’ conversational skills? When calling prospects, do they use a point of connection to build rapport, providing a compelling reason to meet? Do they listen actively? Do they conduct an effective needs assessment, identifying the prospect’s pain points? Are they strong closers, keeping the ball in their court? Do they successfully overcome prospect objections? If you aren’t sure, sit with them while they make their sales calls, or ride along to prospect meetings. After your assessment, develop an individualized training and coaching plan for each member of the team. Checkpoint 3 — Accountability and Tracking: When you’re confident you have the right people who are all properly trained, make sure you’re holding them accountable for their performance. Boost success and reduce sales force frustration by focusing on sales activity, not just revenue numbers. While sales professionals can’t control whether a prospect writes a check on schedule, they can control their own actions. If they’re doing enough of the right activity and they have the proper skills, the sales will eventually follow. Once you’re tracking the sales team’s activity, you’ll know if a particular member of the team is struggling. Remember that management has a responsibility to help inexperienced individuals. Let experienced veterans show off their sales skills during a live sales call, while their new teammate watches and learns. Checkpoint 4 — Motivation and Attitude: Finally, take a look at each individual’s attitude and level of motivation. Is your compensation plan encouraging the right behaviors? Are team members staying positive, or are they predicting negative outcomes before ever making calls? Once you see the results of this four-point check, don’t worry. Just remember that experienced sales trainers and coaches, whether internal or external, can get your sales team back in the winner’s circle if you need a hand.


This blog was written by RedRover’s CEO & Founder, Lori Turner-Wilson. Read more about Lori and her unwavering commitment to guaranteed marketing results in her bio.

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