The Guarantee
October 17

Agency Guarantees Are Unheard of … Until Now

It’s a doggone bold move.

In a sector where accountability and measurability are top client complaints in any market, RedRover is telling clients: Marketing Results Guaranteed. I Shih-Tzu Not.

The “I Shih-Tzu Not” dog is innocent-looking enough, but the pup represents a powerful RedRover pledge.

“We’ve observed that no other area agency places a guarantee on the business results that marketing will achieve for their clients,” says founder & CEO Lori Turner-Wilson. “Tangible business results are hard to predict and control. However, that’s our specialty.”

Obtaining ROI – or return on the investment in a marketing agency – is a long-standing business model at RedRover. Since the firm’s beginning more than a decade ago, clients that opt for RedRover’s “Growth Optimization” strategic planning and implementation service have enjoyed a sharp focus on measurable, meaningful results.

Now those results are guaranteed – or the client is credited the difference. Yes, it’s a bold promise. But would you expect anything different from RedRover?

“I started this company to do something that no other local marketing agency was doing at the time – deliver tangible results that prompt a business’s profitable growth,” says Lori. “We care about more than slick creative, ad impressions or siloed marketing tactics. We want to ensure predictable ROI for every growth plan we create.”

RedRover’s results pledge is grounded in its research-first growth culture.

“This is ingrained in our mentality at RedRover, so why not guarantee it,” says Lori.

The full pledge can be seen at the newly launched microsite for the RedRover Guarantee.

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