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November 17

2020 Best Places to Work : RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy

“When you work at RedRover, you’re part of the ‘Pack.’ We use this terminology because we have a ‘pack mentality’ that invites a genuine care for one another and celebrating the team-win before the self-win,” said Greer Stevenson, growth strategist at RedRover.

But, that doesn’t mean RedRover doesn’t respect the individual. From working with staff on schedules and prioritizing family time to internal “yappy” hours and flexible spending and vacation reimbursements, RedRover has burnished its staff to serve the larger goal of creating quality content for its clients.

In three words, how do you describe your company culture? Engaging, motivated, driven

Did your company transition to work from home during COVID? How were you able to maintain your company culture while separated? RedRover began working remotely on March 18. We implemented daily departmental video conferences where team members check in with each other and provide status updates on current projects and new opportunities.

We created a Check-In Slack channel for online/offline updates, a “walking the pups” message was not uncommon and, in fact, encouraged. In addition, we implemented virtual celebrations and happy hours. To bond together behind our clients, RoverMoments was launched. These are small acts that let our clients know we are thinking of them and ranged from complimentary services, to baked goods delivered to their home, and drive-by celebrations.

What opportunities are available for individual professional development/career growth at all levels of the company? Every member has a one-to-one conversation with their manager on a weekly basis for more than just check in on current projects. Developmental themes and professional goals are at the forefront of these meetings, providing a weekly space to reflect on goal progress, set milestones to achieve new goals, and check in on what RedRover can do so that each Pack member can give their best.

These weekly meetings embrace candid dialogue about growth and development. In addition, as part of our custom reimbursement plan, Pack members can be reimbursed up to $1,000/year for professional training and development.

What does 2021 look like? If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected and that we are truly nimble. While we can’t predict exactly what 2021 may hold, in the year ahead we will be celebrating our company’s 15th anniversary and have several initiatives in place for a continued focus on keeping RedRover a top place to work to keep and recruit the area’s top talent, as well as retain and attract new clients.

Best Places to Work honorees were broken into Micro (10-20 employees), Small (21-49 employees), Mid-Size (50-149 employees), and Large (150+ employees) Categories. The No. 1 company in each category, determined via an employee engagement survey conducted by Quantum Workplace, will be revealed Feb. 11 at a drive-in style event at Shelby Farms Park.

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