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May 3

2017 — The Year of Video

If marketers had a zodiac calendar, we might call 2017, “the year of the video.”

Why is that? Online video is enjoying the spotlight, due in part to its increasingly crucial role in social media. Online video consumption is also at an all-time high, and that is a definite plus for video marketing.

There’s never been a better time for businesses to take advantage of video’s popularity. In January, eMarketer estimated that 62 percent of the world’s internet users would view a digital video in 2017. That staggering number should pique any business owner’s interest in video as a persuasive marketing tool.

Let’s consider three of the most common reasons consumers engage online. People are curious creatures and seek to engage with media for inspiration, information, and innovation. Take a moment to let those three desires sink in. Now, let’s look at online video marketing applications that deliver on each.

Our desire for inspiration includes not only motivational stories but stories that are purely entertaining. A 2017 article in The Huffington Post reports that businesses are “embracing online video as a more personal and engaging way to connect with audiences.”

Videos that weave together a compelling story through testimonials from satisfied customers who are passionate about your brand and willing to be bonafide spokespeople are a perfect example of how you can leverage video to gain some inspirational marketing traction.

Since well-crafted video boosts brand awareness and trust, then the opportunity to provide information to your market about your services or products with video is a great move. A corporate identity video relating the story of your company’s history, core values, goals and future plans is a great way to provide information that inquiring customers want to know.

Innovation is a constant craving of the online audience and a great marketing opportunity for your business. Which of your new or upcoming innovations lend themselves well to video? Has your company produced an interesting new product or process that eases customer frustration?

Once you’ve created your video, be sure to invest enough in the promotion of it to ensure you generate ROI on the overall investment. Too many marketers focus too much on the video and little time on how they intend to promote it – whether that be through purchased media, email marketing, social marketing, etc.

Like many things, less is more when it comes to the total length of your video. You’re seeking a balance in effective storytelling and likely viewership; the longer the video, generally the lower the viewership. Consult with your marketing firm to find the right targeted length for your purpose and audience.

Video marketing is effective, persuasive, wildly popular and in-demand. It should, however, be a part of an overall marketing investment and a plan that you make with a trusted marketing partner to ensure video viewership brings the results you deserve.

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